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Getshop Today Business Hub

What is Getshop Today
Business Hub?

GT Business Hub is an environment created for Getshop Today users and the general entrepreneur community, where existing and aspiring businesspeople can receive support from specialist consultants regarding their e-commerce endeavours, work in our co-working space, attend Getshop Today courses and events, build relationships and find new business opportunities. Our aim is to help founders launch great start-ups in e-commerce arena.

At GT Business Hub we provide co-working space, access to laptops and other office equipment, internet, printing facilities, kitchen and meeting room. We also provide in-depth and in-person consultations at the Hub to Getshop Today users by our staff regarding users’ online stores build with Getshop Today platform. With our central London location in Aldgate East, GT Business Hub is close to all opportunities that London can offer.

In addition to that, we regularly host educational courses about e-commerce and online business as well as other events for founders, entrepreneurs, existing and aspiring businesspeople.

GT Business Hub Location:

Uni GF 10
56-60 Nelson Street
London, E1 2DE

The GT Business Hub opening hours are:

  • Mon – 12pm-9pm
  • Tue – 12pm-5pm
  • Wed – 12pm-5pm
  • Thu - 12pm-5pm
  • Fri – 12pm-9pm
  • Sat – 12pm-9pm
  • Sun - 12pm-3pm

How Getshop Today
Business Hub Works?

In order to become a member of GT Business Hub you first must subscribe to one of Getshop Today packages.

All GT Business Hub opportunities are available for just £30/month. With this subscription members can book co-working space for up to 2 hours a day. This equals 50p per hour. Members automatically get access to all other activities organised by GT Business Hub, such as courses and other events.

Becoming a GT Business Hub Member – Step by Step:

1. Purchase one of Getshop Today packages

2. Log into Getshop Today as a user with the details provided when you subscribed to one of Getshop Today packages

3.After logging in, find the section “My Account” in the top right corner and click on dropdown menu section called “Hub Booking”

4.Pay your first instalment of £30 via card or PayPal (this will generate a monthly subscription agreement).

5.During the subscription process, you will also be asked to upload one face verification photo. This is for the purposes of security of all GT Business Hub members as well as Getshop Today staff.

6.Now that you have become a member you can book space at GT Business Hub using the booking form provided as well as access all other opportunities the Hub provides, including in-person consultations from the Getshop Today staff!

Do It Yourself

Here at Getshop Today, we realise that great product photography and quality product demo videos are very important for any e-commerce business to succeed.

We also believe that start-ups often can’t afford to invest in professional product photography and video production services. In fact – we believe that in most cases that is not even necessary. At Getshop Today we firmly believe that at the beginning stages of e-commerce business, it is entirely enough to go the DIY route of e-commerce product photography and product demo videos.

That is why we offer 3 options for online shop owners to learn product photography and video production.

Everybody can learn completely free by watching Getshop Today free tutorials, which include video tutorials on how to take beautiful product photos and demo videos using just a smartphone.

Option 01

Getshop Today hosts a 3-day course about e-commerce, including e-commerce product photography and video production on a weekly basis in our GT Business Hub in Aldgate East.

The first day is freely available to all attendees and is about setting up an online shop with Getshop Today. The second day is for attendees of the first day and is about promoting an online shop. And the third day of this course is about product photography and product demo video production. The third day of the course is available for those who have already purchased one of Getshop Today packages.

Register now for this 3-day ecommerce course!

Option 02

Getshop Today has also developed an in-depth 4-month course about product photography and product demo video production.

In this course, attendees can learn not only how to capture beautiful photos and videos of your products with minimal equipment but also introduce themselves to the use of more professional setups for product photography and video.

The course is taught by a professional photographer and video producer in cooperation with London based video production and photography company CineEye.

During the course, learners have access to professional equipment such as Blackmgic URSA mini 4.6k, Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 5DS cameras as well as other pro equipment.

Learning consists of theory as well as practical sessions in a fully equipped studio. Full course curriculum available upon request.

Option 03

Course fee: £100 per month. Total cost: £400.

To register for the course please contact us on:

or call on 02077909707

quoting photo+video course.