In this page you will find events listings for anyone interested in starting their own general eCommerce business or dropshipping business.

Getshop Today organises events about eCommerce, dropshipping and other online business related topics regularly. The events take place in Getshop Today Business Hub in London, as well as other London and UK locations. Our experts will be training you on how to build your own eCommerce website / online store, how to use dropshipping methods and other topics related to eCommerce.

For example, we often hold introductory courses about eCommerce for the general public. After taking this course, attendees are able to create their own eCommerce store as well as promote it online. Topics covered include what you need to start an eCommerce business; what is an ideal eCommerce website from a consumer standpoint; guide to setting up an eCommerce website (using Getshop Today eCommerce platform).

Also, we regularly hold courses for existing Getshop Today users. After attending this course, our existing users are able to better customise the design of their online store, understand how to implement marketing with step by step instructions, as well gain better knowledge about eCommerce business by joining our general business advice session.

As dropshipping is an important part of Getshop Today service, we also hold regular courses about this topic. After taking this course, attendees are able to create their own eCommerce store and use it with Getshop Today automatic dropshipping functionalities. Dropshipping allows users to sell items without buying those in advance. Instead, users can first sell the product, and then pass the sales order to a dropshipping supplier registered in Getshop Today network. The supplier then finalizes the sales process by sending the item to the end-customer.

These are just some of the events and courses that Getshop Today provides.

Looking forward to exploring the opportunities of eCommerce and dropshipping together with everybody!*

*During the global Covid-19 pandemic of 2020-2021, Getshop Today has suspended all public events, but we will resume those as soon as it is safe to do so.