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Getshop Today tutorial

Video Tutorials

Welcome to Getshop Today tutorial page.

In this page you will find tutorials not only about creating online shop with Getshop Today, but also about managing search engine optimisation and other ecommerce related topics.


Chapter One – Basics of Ecommerce and Creating an Online Shop Using Getshop Today Platform Chapter Two – Essential Getshop Today Online Shop Management Functions Chapter Three – Getshop Today General Settings Chapter Four – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Chapter Five – Product Photography and Product Demo Video Production


Product Photography and Product Demo Video Production

In this chapter you can learn how to easily create product photos and product demo videos using only your smartphone.


GT Dropshipping. Here in this chapter, we will learn how to create GetshopToday API. How to integrate API with your own website and how to import products suppliers website to your own website.

Text Tutorials

As you are here in this page it means you are planning to start your own dropshipping business.

In order to do that you need to know

  • what is dropshipping (and especially what is Getshop Today dropshipping),
  • what you need to start a dropshipping business,


  • how you can be successful at dropshipping even without any marketing budget in the beginning stages of your business.


Let’s begin by looking at what is Getshop Today dropshipping.

Our dropshipping system is quite different from other dropshipping providers who usually offer manual dropshipping. With Getshop Today the dropshipping process is largely automatic and works as follows. Firstly, Getshop Today will create your own eCommerce website (for you as a retailer). Let’s say you don’t have any products to sell. You will need to get those from a wholesaler. And here comes in Getshop Today dropshipping supplier network - all the wholesaler websites you can see in this page. Because of our special dropshipping API you will be able to import the products from the wholesalers’ websites into your own online shop in a one-click process.

Next, you will be able to list these products in eBay, Facebook, Amazon and other platforms.

Once the end-customer buys your product from any of these platforms, an order will show up in your Getshop Today eCommerce website and you can then place an order to the wholesaler website. Then the wholesaler will complete the sales process by sending the product to your end-customer. This is in essence how Getshop Today automatic dropshipping system works.

Now that we know what is Getshop Today dropshipping, let’s see we need in general to start a dropshipping business.

There are 3 main things that you need, which are:

1) your own eCommerce website;
2) sourcing of products to sell;
3) marketing.

By subscribing to any of our packages you will get an eCommerce website ready from A to Z in 24-48 hours (due to domain propagation time). But if you choose to do fast-track custom design, it may take 2-10 days (it depends a bit on our queue). Once the online shop is ready for you, you will also be able to choose and import products from our UK based dropshipping wholesaler suppliers by using automatic tools as was described a moment ago. Usually this means you need to apply for API from each individual dropshipping supplier. But from 2021 we are introducing a new feature where your eCommerce shop will come with 5-10 best-selling supplier APIs already integrated. But if you want, you can always apply and add more APIs from other dropshipping suppliers in our network. This gives you access to more than 50 000 unique products and this list is always growing as we are constantly working on expanding our supplier network.

Let’s talk about the 3rd important aspect – the marketing. How can we achieve business success even without any marketing budget in the beginning stages of our business?

Marketing is one of the biggest hurdles in business, especially when you are a starter and you don’t have any budget, any system or any workforce in place.

For this reason, we created a new system with a completely new approach. This new approach is as follows.

Let’s say, you have your products already. Using our automatic tools, you can list your products in eBay easily. Once you list your products, eBay is going to start promoting your products to its visitors. What is eBay’s interest to do this? This is because eBay is taking a fee from every sale of your products (it can be up to 15%). Now you may think “I am still paying 15% from my sales. What will be my profit?”

So, here’s the math:

Let’s imagine you took a product from a Getshop Today supplier for £5.

In your own website you increased the retail product price by 65%.

From this you will give eBay 15%.

Even after this fee you are left with 50% profit.

Not too bad, considering that your only investment was subscribing to any of the Getshop Today packages.

In a nutshell, this is how Getshop Today automatic dropshipping system works - although you are not spending any marketing budget or paying up-front for products, your business is nevertheless running successfully and making profit.

Start selling online without buying any products beforehand. Dropship from UK suppliers with only 3-5 days delivery time. Getshop Today system has a very easy setup. Advanced marketing tools are also available – sell products fast and easy not only in your own store but also publish listings in eBay, Amazon, Facebook and more. In addition to that – blogging, SEO and social media integration also available as well as many other advanced marketing tools. Our wholesale dropshipping suppliers offer a variety of products – clothing, accessories, jewellery, skincare, watches, perfumes, electronics and more.

When you are thinking of dropshipping, the first thing that comes to mind is the suppliers. Where to find dropshipping suppliers? In order to establish our dropshipping supplier network, we contacted thousands of UK based wholesale companies who specifically confirmed they do offer dropshipping. Interestingly, we found out that they indeed offer dropshipping but they don’t have any online dropshipping system or tools. We also discovered that 1-2% of wholesale suppliers offer csb or xml. But unfortunately, 50% out of those 1-2% do not update their stock regularly. Therefore, you may have the csb or xml, but your stock maintenance issues still remain there. The remaining wholesalers who claim to offer dropshipping don’t have any system in place whatsoever. On the other hand, at Getshop Today we have developed a dropshipping supplier network where every one of the suppliers listed offers 100% automatic drosphipping API. For this reason, we are certain that at the present moment using Getshop Today dropshipping wholesaler network is the only and best way forward to all those looking to do UK based dropshipping.

At Getshop Today all wholesalers offer 3-5 working days delivery time within the UK.