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The Importance of Reviews and Testimonials for eCommerce Websites

Table of Contents

1 Intro

2 Reviews Give Your Business Social Proof

3 Testimonials Help Foster Relationships

4 It’s a Stronger Form Of Advertising For eCommerce Website

5 Examples of Customer Testimonials for Your Website

6 In Conclusion




Reviews and testimonials can be a great asset to any eCommerce website. Customer reviews provide social proof to the quality and value your business advertises. These reviews can range from written notes under product pages on websites, to some customers even creating video reviews on YouTube for a more in-depth product summary.


In the age of social media and with more eCommerce businesses primarily focusing on an online brand, the importance of reviews are not to be underestimated.


This blog will discuss the importance of reviews and testimonials for eCommerce websites, and examples of testimonials you can use.


Reviews Give Your Business Social Proof


Customers want to feel secure in the knowledge that they will receive what the product is advertising. For them, an ideal that there are already reviews for them to see before considering purchase. This is as reviews better inform their decision to buy your product or not. For eCommerce businesses, having reviews lower down on a product page or it’s score average next to the product image can boost sales.


Using reviews and testimonials allow you to leverage current customers to gain potential buyers.

Because customers will be able to see the positive feedback of previous buyers, they will have more confidence in the propositions the product offers. This testifies to the importance of reviews on eCommerce websites, as reviews are a great way to evoke customer trust in your brand.



Testimonials Help Foster Relationships


Testimonials allow customers to discuss the benefits of a brand’s product for use in their promotional material. Because of the intimate nature of testimonials they are a great way to deepen communication with customers. Before a testimonial can be made, the customer has to already feel comfortable enough to wish to talk about what they love about the product. Moreover, you would have already contacted them most likely via email if they wish to do so, showing an initiative to develop a rapport between the customer and the brand.


Customers value and purchase from brands that they can trust. Because of this, testimonials are a great way to strengthen this trust. The prospect of testimonial reviews is the long term relationships that can be formed. Doing so will help increase your social media engagement and traffic. This is as it is if these customers are willing to do testimonials for you, they are also likely sharing your content and products across their social media.

It’s a Stronger Form Of Advertising For eCommerce Website


Testimonials are greatly received by consumers. Many people are bored and very accustomed to the standard advertisements they see everyday. Pop-up ads, 10 sec clips and still images are all generic advertisement ideas that nearly all businesses use. However, testimonials add a layer or personalisation that is very attractive to customers. Some studies show that over 80% of customers regard testimonials with the same level of trust as they would their own family members. This makes them a strong form of advertisement and a great addition to your eCommerce website.


In addition, testimonial reviews boost the success of your eCommerce website by providing more clarity to vague product descriptions. Getshop Today can provide you with your very own functional and easy-to-use eCommerce website, at an affordable price. 


If in the unfortunate scenario that a browsing customer isn’t able to get a clear understanding of your product, a customer testimonial can make up for this.

Examples of Customer Testimonials for Your Website


There are many examples of testimonials to use depending on your preferences and aims.


Video testimonials are some of the most effective ones to create. The benefit of video testimonials is that people are able to see the customer in the moment and discuss their likes about the product being reviewed. This gives the product review more power in encouraging customers to buy it as they see a simulation of what their experience could be. Not to mention there is nothing like hearing and seeing an actual talking person in an ad, as opposed to a faceless monotone voice. If you wondering how to


Quotes are also another form of testimonial to use. Though they aren’t as engaging as video, they can still be effective to use. The convenience of quotes is that they are easy to add to product pages and social media channels. This can have good payoff as long as you use concise and personal quotes. A tip for using quote testimonials, the ones you gather from customers should capture their personal experience with the product. You don’t want your quote to come off as someone reading a product description, rather it should be personal and appear candid.


Furthermore, interviews are a form of testimonial that can encourage prospective customers to buy your products. Interviews are a great way to gauge customer perception and opinions on your product. Be sure to ask the right questions, this is so that the customer is able to showcase the thoughts necessary to encourage potential buyers. The goal is to get the essential details out of the customer and present that in conversation.


The questions you use should focus on the customer’s journey to buying your product, this will help potential customers visualise their decisions too. Questions such as:‘would you recommend this product?’ ‘Name three benefits you think the product provides?’ or ‘What would you change about the product if you could?’ are great questions to spur thought and give potentials the information they are looking for.

In Conclusion

The power of testimonials and review cannot be emphasised enough. Testimonials will provide a stronger incentive for customers to buy your products. The benefits of these include increasing customer trust in your brand, as well as fostering better relationships with them. Moreover, testimonials and reviews can help give customers the information they want to hear. If you can be clear in what your product features, customers are more likely to decide to buy it. Because of this, it is ideal to incorporate these on your eCommerce website especially on product pages.


Reviews such as interviews and quotes are few of many effective ways to boost product sales by leveraging current customer experiences to gain potential customers.  

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