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Getshop Today tutorial

Chapter one

Welcome to Getshop Today tutorial page.

In this page you will find tutorials not only about creating online shop with Getshop Today, but also about managing search engine optimisation and other ecommerce related topics.


Chapter One – Basics of Ecommerce and Creating an Online Shop Using Getshop Today Platform Chapter Two – Essential Getshop Today Online Shop Management Functions Chapter Three – Getshop Today General Settings Chapter Four – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Chapter Five – Product Photography and Product Demo Video Production



Product Photography and Product Demo Video Production

In this chapter you can learn how to easily create product photos and product demo videos using only your smartphone.



GT Dropshipping. Here in this chapter, we will learn how to create GetshopToday API. How to integrate API with your own website and how to import products suppliers website to your own website.