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What is Getshop Today?

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Getshop Today is a UK based eCommerce platform and a dropshipping service provider using automatic API. Create your own online store, sell your own products or dropship from UK dropshipping product suppliers. We are also a Business Hub and a support system for eCommerce merchants.

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Easy and fast setup and management
In-built dropshipping
No hidden fees. All features included in all packages
Support via tutorials, customer care and Business Hub
Extra secure software as no 3rd party plugins are used
All eCommerce tools you need in one place
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Why Getshop Today ?

The beginning of Getshop Today was the moment when we – a local UK based web design company - started to get inquiries from people who already had been building their own eCommerce stores using traditional eCommerce platforms and tools. We noticed that many of these would-be online merchants were very frustrated with the process and were looking for experienced experts who could help them to finish the setup. This obviously also involved more money spent by them than initially anticipated. When we realized how many people struggle while using traditional eCommerce platforms, we saw an opportunity to build a new product with a much easier and faster setup, better price and many other improved features. Here below you can see features of Getshop Today as compared to features of other eCommerce platforms side by side.

Getshop Today

  • All packages have all features – functions not limited by package type
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Built-in dropshipping functionality
  • No 3rd party plugins needed
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use and straightforward back-end
  • Membership area functionality
  • Monthly subscription-based product selling function
  • Restaurant table and/or services booking form
  • Custom form builder
  • Digital products selling functionality
  • No commissions from sales
  • Unlimited categories, tags and brands
  • Create custom categories according to your needs
  • Show all categories, brands, and tags as filters in storefront search
  • Upload product videos

Other eCommerce Platforms

  • Packages are differentiated by limiting the functions available
  • Complex and slow setup
  • Dropshipping is often not available or is a paid feature
  • Many functions depend on 3rd party plugins and addons
  • High cost (including high hidden costs for extra features, add-ons, plugins)
  • Often complicated back-end interface with too many functions
  • Membership area functionality not available or is a paid feature
  • Monthly subscription-based products are not available or is a paid feature
  • Table and/or services booking form is not available or is a paid feature
  • Custom form builder often only available as a 3rd party paid plugin
  • Digital products selling functionality is not available or is a paid feature
  • Often commissions from sales are taken
  • The number of categories, tags and brands allowed may be limited by package
  • Often you have to choose from a pre-existing category list
  • Expert help is often needed to set search filters in storefront
  • Product video uploads function frequently is not available
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How It Works?

For anyone who is planning to create their own eCommerce store it is important to know and clearly understand how the process works.

How long will it take to build the online store?

What are the main steps in this process?

It is important to know what you can expect to happen in each stage, that is why

We offer you to read Getshop Today’s eCommerce store building process here

Build an online shop with Getshop Today in these 8 simple steps:

  1. When you have chosen your Theme, click on the “Buy Now” button on the Theme details page.
  2. In the next window choose the most suitable package and click on “Buy Now” again.
  3. Fill in the registration form or log into your account.
  4. In the checkout form, confirm whether you already have a domain name or not.
  5. If you do have a domain name already, please type it into the box provided. (If not, don’t worry; simply type “I don’t have a domain”).
  6. Fill in the billing details, confirm the payment and pay using your preferred option.
  7. Within 2-24 hours, our customer service will get back to you. If you already have a domain name, we will help you to point it to our servers. If you don’t have a domain name yet, we will help you to buy one and point it to our servers.
  8. After this step is done, we will set up your eCommerce store, and you will be able to start adding and selling your products*.

*If you have purchased fast-track customisation, it may take another 3-7 days.

14 days FREE trial available

Find the Theme you like and select “Free trial” to start.