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5 Effective Ways to Improve your eCommerce Marketing


Table of Contents

1 Intro

2 Learn About Your Target Audience

3 Create a Personalised Experience for Customers

4 Use Influencers in Brand Promotion

5 Humanise Your Brand

6 Make Good Use of Social Media Tools

7 In Conclusion




As an eCommerce business in general, how you market yourself on online platforms is crucial. Depending on the audiences you want to reach, there are some marketing strategies that are more effective than others. Moreover, in the age of social media, it is vital that you are efficient and effective in how you market your brand.

The average user online is inundated with various media that binds their attention. As a business, you are competing with those sources to gain the attention of the audiences you want.


This blog post will share 5 effective ways to improve your marketing strategies. Regardless of whether you are a newcomer to eCommerce or a veteran in the field, these tips are sure to be beneficial.



Learn About Your Target Audience


Your eCommerce marketing strategy is void if it doesn’t take into consideration your target audience, this is the foundation. Understanding the consumers you want to attract as well as audiences that are already following your business is important. This is as it is from this knowledge that you are able to effectively tailor your goods and services. In addition, advertising is something that can be improved and made more effective via learning about your target audience.

Actions to consider are things such as surveys and polls for consumers. These research tactics are a reliable way to understand the thoughts and concerns of your target audiences. Ensure that your problems are defined so you can tackle them more efficiently. The goal through your eCommerce marketing strategy is to maximise audience reach and retention. Learning about your target or current audiences is key to achieving this.

Create a Personalised Experience for Customers

Consumers want to feel that their voice and concerns are heard. As a business, tailoring your services to a more personalised vibe can be beneficial for consumer retention. Personalised ads and product demonstration videos are great ways to do so. Creating these types of customer experiences will help cultivate a loyal consumer base.

Furthermore, using this form of eCommerce marketing strategy allows you to better meet customer expectations. Since you are personalising their customer experience, you are displaying a consistent level of action on behalf of their convenience. Because of this, they are more likely to place their expectations on what you are doing rather than on fulfilling demands competitors execute. In short, personalising the experience of your customers is an effective marketing strategy to consider.



Use Influencers in Brand Promotion


Social media features many users with sometimes much more following than your brand account does. Fear not, this isn’t an issue when it comes to improving your eCommerce marketing – influencers are an effective medium to use. Some of the most followed people on social media are celebrities. Individuals such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Rihanna and Kylie Jenner have followers in the 10s of millions. As a result, there are most likely audiences that they garner that your brand isn’t able to. This is where you can tap into the reach and prominence of influencers on social media platforms.


Influencers also help you to reach more niche communities, diversifying your clientele. This is crucial to more lucrative networking opportunities. As a business you should always be looking to expand when appropriate. Collaborating with influencers allows you to do so and is a viable marketing strategy to adopt.

Humanise Your Brand

This can be elaborated from personalisation. Instead of necessarily tailoring your brand to the consumer, you are presenting yourself in a relatable way to them. This is a very effective eCommerce marketing strategy given our current business climate. The ongoing stigma concerning large companies has created a behaviour shift in how companies portray themselves to the public. Now, more companies are de-corporatizing themselves in hopes of rebuilding that consumer-brand trust.


Vlogging (video-blogging) is a method to carry this out. When consumers see how you conduct your business daily, they can better appreciate the effort of the brand – this builds trust. However, this is not always a worthwhile way to humanise your brand. Some brands aim to portray themselves in a formal and ‘classy’ way. Therefore, vlogging may not be the best way to execute this marketing strategy.


A more formal method could be to use brand stories which capture the ethos of the company. This is a great way to influence consumers to connect to your brand values.



Make Good Use of Social Media Tools

Social media management tools are going to be a big help in improving your marketing strategies. Many businesses have social media accounts across various platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With multiple accounts it's going to be difficult to keep track of how well they are doing. Using social media management tools alleviate this issue by linking all your accounts on one platform. PostMagic is a great example of a platform that fulfils this purpose. It’s a social media management tool that provides a user-friendly platform to manage your businesses accounts from. https://www.postmagic.co.uk/



In Conclusion

This blog lists a few effective ways to improve your marketing strategies. These tips pertain more towards online business with respect to social media. There are a number of ways to do so through personalising the consumer experience to the use of influencers.


Overall, it is fundamental that you first and foremost study and get to understand your target audience. If you aren’t able to do so, applying effective marketing strategies can’t happen. Be diligent in paying attention to customer behaviour and also to some degree what your competitors are doing. There may be opportunities to innovate your strategy that you didn’t initially think possible.


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