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7 Things you need to know before selling on eBay

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1 Intro

2 Understand the Type of Seller You Want To Be

3 Listing Products on eCommerce Platforms

4 Conducting Market Research

5 Competition is Very High

6 Promoting Your Business on eCommerce Platforms

7 In Conclusion




eCommerce platforms such as eBay have become very profitable platforms for online shopping and business. More and more, beginner businesses are setting up on these platforms in hopes of reaching large consumer bases and making profit.


Despite the potential profit with deciding to start selling on eBay, there are factors that must be considered. Products and services do not sell themselves, there are responsibilities sellers must fulfil.


This blog will highlight 7 important factors to consider before choosing to sell on platforms such as eBay.


Understand the Type of Seller You Want To Be


First and foremost, understanding the types of merchants that perform successfully on these platforms is vital. As a business you want to maximise profit and avoid unnecessary.


When evaluating the seller accounts that perform well on these platforms we see 3 main traits. Merchants who sell unique items are one. If you service goods that possess rarity this automatically grants them a higher measure of value. By doing so, you also show authenticity in your services and brand.


Additionally, those who target niche communities have great success on these platforms. Targeting lesser known audiences can help attract a smaller yet consistent consumer base. Though this may create less profit initially, in the long term stronger relationships and trust in the brand will prove worthwhile. Because of this, it is important to consider delayed gratification in regards to targeting such consumers. Sustaining consistent sales is sometimes more valuable than latching onto one-off trends with no certainty of continued success.


Lastly, those who offer used or refurbished products. This is a trade that will always have value. Consumers are always searching for worthwhile bargains on goods they love. The selling of refurbished goods can help establish you as a quality curator of popular merchandise.


Listing Products on eCommerce Platforms


Ensuring you have a defined list of goods you wish to sell is also key before you begin selling on eBay and Amazon. On Amazon, you must have completed a product listing before you can begin selling items on the platform. When doing so this will either be a new listing, which is used for products that no one else has sold yet. Or, use an existing product listing, this includes products that people are already selling on the eCommerce platform.


When listing products you must consider factors such as product description, images and relevant terms and keywords. These aspects of product listing are vital to ensuring as many people are coming across your product as possible. The better your choice of keywords in listings, the more likely consumers will browse your goods and purchase them.



Conducting Market Research

Having competent knowledge of how the items you wish to sell fare in the marketplace should not be overlooked. Products have various levels of popularity and usage depending on the current climate. 

As a result, having a solid understanding of the trends products have on the market is beneficial. Monitoring competitor’s sales is a good way to conduct market research. Another way involves conducting customer surveys or contacting suppliers. 

These are great ways to improve sales as you can tailor your services based on customer feedback. Suppliers can also inform you on stock cycles of certain goods, helping you make better decisions on the items you choose to sell.


For market research there are great tools available, one tool is NewNine. NewNine is a dropshipping tool that can help create a fully functional and operational dropshipping site to begin selling. It also aids the sourcing of products according to demand and how they price in the market. https://www.newnine.co.uk/


Competition is Very High


This factor further follows off of market research. Understand that dropshipping on eBay means entering into a fierce competition for sales.. There are over 1000s of businesses selling on eBay. The goal is to ensure that you optimise your selling on eBay so you can maximise profit. You may need to consider competitively pricing goods, or using unique product IDs. There are many sloppy sellers out there on these platforms. Good customer service and perseverance can put you ahead in the long run against such sellers, even if they may be initially making profit.


With more than 1.5 million active sellers on Amazon, it is vital that you make a concerted effort to stand out from the sea of others. Trademarking is also a possible action to consider, this is important to protecting your brand.


Have a Business Plan


Start as you mean to go on. It is fundamental to have a solid plan on the direction you want your business to go. However, this doesn’t have to be a complex schematic, simply a basic layout of expected profit, costs and other externalities. Furthermore, it is very important not to be overly concerned with trying to create a corporate level plan. Clear, simple and precise goals are crucial to long term business direction.


In addition, newcomers should not be hyper-focused on immediately getting profit. A good reputation and solid networks are more important to business success. Having good esteem within the market can take your business further. Though competition is fierce, making unnecessary enemies is not worthwhile long term.


Consider Subscription Fees


When applying for a seller’s account on Amazon for example, subscriptions fees must be considered. These are the fees you pay for your selling plan, and they vary depending on which plan you select.


Though these fees aren’t always costly, they should not be overlooked regardless of the eCommerce platform you choose.


Promoting Your Business on eCommerce Platforms


Brand promotion is another aspect you should think about before you begin selling on ebay and Amazon. This ranges from how your goods are photographed to investing capital into product advertising. Also this can be continually developed off of market research. A solid grasp on customer attitudes can help you to more effectively promote your brand.

Amazon has great features to aid in this. You can create pay-per-click campaigns to help boost product ranking. The higher the rank, the more visible your product will be. In turn, the greater the visibility, the greater chance of sales growth.


In Conclusion


eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay have created a new frontier for online commerce. These sites allow sellers access to various consumer bases, and provide them with tools to run their businesses.


However, it is important to consider having a solid business plan and understand the costs of selling on these platforms. The goal is to run a successful business, and sellers must do their due diligence to research and consider strategies to maximise their sales. Knowing what your intentions are and the realities of competition when selling on eBay is vital. 

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