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How to Integrate Postcode lookup API in your online shop using Firstclasspostcodes

How to Integrate Postcode lookup API in your online shop


Integrating First Class Post Codes address finder is very important if you are a retail online shop owner. This function allows your customers to find their address precisely by using only their postcode. Therefore, you will never experience any issues with sending goods to your customers as your addresses will be incorrect significantly less frequently than without using such address finder. This is because users often type even their own addresses incorrectly which results in delivery and customer service problems. Learn how to integrate First Class Post Codes address finder by following the step by step guide described in this article. 


To create First Class Post Codes API visit https://firstclasspostcodes.com/

Once there, scroll down to Our pricing section. It’s at the end of the homepage. Here you can find a button called Get started now as shown below:


Postcode lookup API Image 1

By clicking this button, you can create an account using your information. 

After creating your account you can find your dashboard here: https://dashboard.firstclasspostcodes.com/

You can also find your API key in the dashboard as shown below:


Postcode lookup API Image 2

You can copy your API key by clicking on the Copy button as shown below:

Postcode lookup API Image 3
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