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5 Types of Videos that will Boost your eCommerce Business

Table of Contents:

1 Intro

2 Product Demo Videos

3 Explainer Videos for your eCommerce Business

4 Promotional Videos for your eCommerce Business

5 Product Review Videos

6 How To & Tutorial Videos

7 Conclusion





Videos are a great medium to use for your eCommerce business. As a visual form of media, videos provide vast opportunities for creativity and brand promotion. A range of different videos can be used to boost the growth of your eCommerce business.


These videos can range from production demo videos, explainer videos or review videos.


This blog will cover 5 types of videos that you should seek to use if you want to achieve large growth in your eCommerce business.


Product Demo Videos

This form of video marketing is a very effective one to use, especially if you sell dynamic products. A product demo video’s purpose is to show consumers how the product looks and operates in real-time. Consumers are able to gain a more informed choice on their product purchases when they are able to see how it functions first-hand. Moreover, this form of video advertising is a dynamic way to put out a great first impression of your products. By considering factors such as set up, lighting and background contrast you can create an eye-catching product demo video.


Another advantage of using product demo videos is that they don’t have to be financially costly to have a quality one. There are good choices for video production companies who can create quality videos without charging heavy prices. CineEye is an ideal choice for starting businesses who want quality video production at an affordable cost


Product demo videos are great to achieve more conversions through your content on social media. Videos can be shared very quickly, making it a medium with huge upside for engagement.



Explainer Videos for your eCommerce Business


People are more likely to listen and invest into what you offer if you can teach them something. To this end, explainer videos are a good way to accomplish this. Consumers respect brands that have expertise or broad knowledge in their fields. Thus, explainer videos can help boost your eCommerce business by an appeal to educational content.


Animation proves effective in this instance. You can use animated explainer videos to add a flair of creativity and authenticity to your video. Also, unlike product demo videos, animated explainer videos do not have to be anything over a minute and a half. The more brief the better when it comes to animated explainer videos.



Promotional Videos for your eCommerce Business

These videos are essentially ads. Promotional videos are very popular and generally tend to receive huge engagement, especially on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Because of this, promo videos are a great addition to your marketing strategies. The goal is to expand your eCommerce business, and promo videos are an ideal way to do so.


Despite many online social media platforms being heavily crowded with ads, there are ways to tailor your videos to make them unique. When creating promotional video ads there are important factors that you must factor. Does the message of your video actually resonate with your target audience? This is crucial to the success of the video, as if it doesn’t then you cannot hope to attract said group. Furthermore, a clear call-to-action is an important aspect of promo videos. Your audience needs to feel as if they ‘need’ your product. It’s your goal through the video to be clear in your intent towards your target audience. If you can convince them that they ought to buy your products this will help boost your sales and in turn your eCommerce business.


Product Review Videos


Consumers want to be assured that they are going to receive what is advertised with the products they purchase. Review videos are a beneficial way to strengthen customers' trust in your business. This can be done by getting prior customers to film reviews of your products. You can show consumers a preview at the satisfaction they will receive upon buying the product, it also helps better inform their buying decisions. It’s important to ensure that when creating your product review video that it comes across as authentic.


Also, product review videos don’t necessarily have to be about your own products to be beneficial to your business. Some brands create product review videos of items that are similar to those they sell. This helps establish your brand with a reputation of expertise in your industry. Not only is this the case, but it also portrays you as a brand that is willing to help other businesses. Some may argue that reviewing competitors products is counter-productive to growing your eCommerce business. However, it can actually be the opposite. Especially since this can help build up good relations with rival businesses, encouraging one to promote each other’s goods. A good reputation will work wonders for the growth of your eCommerce business.



How To & Tutorial Videos

Elaborating on the educational opportunities for video advertising, tutorial videos are also another effective way to boost engagement. Similar to product demo videos, tutorial videos can help better inform your audiences about the products you sell. Whereas product demo videos are less complex, tutorial videos are used for products that do not have much ease in setup. For example, products that require assembly such as a trampoline or an advanced vacuum cleaner are cases where a tutorial video is ideal.


Tutorial videos are effective in that they show the customer how to perform certain tasks with the product at hand. The practical nature of tutorials can help alleviate the concerns of sceptical buyers, as they can clearly see how the product functions according to the brand's instructions.



The use of videos are a highly effective medium for brand promotion and business growth. Product demo and tutorial videos can be a great way to demonstrate how the product operates in real-time. Moreover, videos are a highly shareable form of media that generates a large amount of engagement on social media. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are ideal spaces to do video marketing. The potential sales that can be achieved through the use of these types of videos are abundant, making them a great way to boost your eCommerce business.  

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