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Finding UK dropshipping suppliers who have automatic API system is a bit challenging. Before we discuss our experience in detail, we would like to give you the solution right away and then discuss it more. This solution is a UK based eCommerce and dropshipping platform called Getshop Today where you can find dropshipping suppliers in the UK providing automatic API system. Please read the full article to understand why we think Getshop Today is the best UK dropshipping platform as well as to get to know how to use it.


At the beginning of our research, we looked for UK dropshipping suppliers using automatic API in many platforms such as Google, YouTube, Quora and others. We did get a lot of results and found a lot of companies claiming they provide this solution, but none of them turned out to be what they claim, and our expectations were not met.


The reason for this is that some of the companies who advertise UK based automatic dropshipping product suppliers, are not actually based in the UK, but they still use those keywords as these keywords are quite popular. This is very disappointing because dropshipping from outside of the UK is very problematic with the long postage times. Local dropshipping ( as opposed to dropshipping from outside the UK) also provides great support for the local economy – another good reason to look for specifically UK based dropshipping suppliers. 


During our research, we have found some companies that are actually based in the UK, but they have no clue what automatic dropshipping actually stands for. They claim to provide it, but when we actually enquired, they only offered manual dropshipping. Manual dropshipping means that eCommerce website owners simply manually copy and paste product listings from the dropshipping supplier into their own online shop. This system means there is no regular and automatic stock update and product listing update.  


Another kind of UK dropshipping suppliers we found during our research are such that provide XML or CSV files as their product stock and listing management source. This is helpful, but only partially. By this, we mean that these CSV or XML feeds can provide a relatively reliable stock update. But other fields in these files such as the product title, description, and especially images are too often not very well filled in. This means that the files usually contain erroneous information or some fields are missing or, some fields might have very small amount of information entered into them. For this reason, you might need to work quite a lot to fix these before you can have a quality product listing. 


In addition to that, fixing the CSV or XML file is not the only task you will need to do. You also need to be quite technically advanced in order to integrate that CSV or XML file into your eCommerce website. 


This all makes the process very long and therefore this really cannot be considered an automatic dropshipping solution.  



After all this experience we are quite disappointed with the results of our research in general.


But we did finally find the right kind of solution, and that is Getshop Today. Getshop Today provides a true automatic dropshipping solution, which works seamlessly with UK based dropshipping suppliers. It enables users to import supplier product listings into users’ website and then further list those items in eBay, Facebook, Instagram and other third-party platforms. In this way, users can sell dropshipping products either in their own online store or in these other platforms like FB, IG etc. 


In addition to that, users can import products from eBay into their own eCommerce website and sell these eBay products there. Or they can also sell the sale eBay products into Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. And this all is provided by automatic API which seamless integration. 


Let’s see how you can run a test of this system yourself. Further on we will describe 3 steps to do it: 

  1. How to create a demo dropshipping eCommerce website;
  2. How to create a dropshipping API;
  3. How to import products into our dropshipping eCommerce website.


How to Create a Demo Dropshipping eCommerce Website


In order to start creating a demo dropshipping eCommerce website first go to https://getshop.today/home/themes/. When you are in this page, scroll down a bit and choose the Quick Start Theme. Why this Theme in particular? Because this Theme has almost everything ready including your terms and conditions, return policy and other policy notices. You only have to do a bit of customisation according to your company or sole trader name. Also, you can customise the eCommerce website look and feel most easily with this particular Theme. To help you do this there are many video and text tutorials available.


Now let’s get back to the demo creation. When you choose the Quick Start Theme, click on the Free Trial. Then in this popup fill all the required information: 





Create Demo Dropshipping Website

When you have filled in all the info, choose the correct captcha solution and click on Submit. Then immediately it will create your demo eCommerce website with all the UK based dropshipping functionalities available. The system will also send you your admin area username and password to your email. Next, simply type



(your demo shop name.style2.getshop.today/admin) in your browser.


This will take you to your admin login page where you can use the username and password provided. This will allow you to log into your Admin area where you can introduce yourself with the system and the tools available.


How to Create an API and Import Getshop Today Dropshipping Products


To create an API and start importing dropshipping product listings from Getshop Today UK based dropshipping suppliers into your new demo online shop, please first visit https://getshop.today/tutorials/ page. When there, please go to Chapter 6 and watch the first and second video. It must be said that actually when you create the demo shop, there will already be 11 different UK dropshipping product supplier APIs integrated. Therefore, in the beginning, you don’t even have to apply for and get any separate APIs. Simply follow the video number 2 in Chapter 6 and check how dropshipping product importing system works. In this way, you can easily get a good understanding of a system that offers UK based automatic dropshipping solution without spending a dime. 


In our next blog post, we will share with you how to promote your dropshipping products on eBay. To do this we will also teach you how to create your eBay developer account so that you can start exporting your dropshipping products from your online store into eBay and start selling. 


If this blog has been helpful for you, please share it – this may help others to find a good UK automatic dropshipping provider. 




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