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eCommerce website design and marketing tips for beauty entrepreneurs


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1 Have an Elegant Visual Design to Your Website
2 Quality Product Descriptions
3 Optimise The Checkout Cart on Your Website
4 Use Testimonials On Your Site
5 Influencer Marketing
6 Subscription Perks and Opportunities
7 In Conclusion


When running an eCommerce website, there are many features and strategies that are necessary to achieving success with your business. Depending on the products you sell and the services you provide, this will mean that some features and marketing strategies will be more necessary than others. The beauty industry is one that is undergoing constant changes, especially in the eCommerce landscape. Many beauty brands have shifted to eCommerce platforms and have begun distributing their products online instead of in brick-and-mortar stores. 


This blog will discuss the most important web design features beauty entrepreneurs need for their eCommerce business. Also we will touch on some effective marketing tips beauty entrepreneurs can use to achieve success with their eCommerce website. 




Have an Elegant Visual Design to Your Website

Your eCommerce website design is very important, even more so as a beauty brand. The perception of your products online will strongly depend on the design of your eCommerce website. Because of this, it is key that you pay attention to the colours you use and the overall design you incorporate into your site. The more in theme your visual designs are with your products, the better it will compliment them. Advisably, it’s best to go for a more minimalistic design so you don’t distract customers from the products you are selling. Going for more neutral colours is also an ideal visual design choice. If you are looking to create your own eCommerce website with the choice of many appealing design choices, consider choosing Getshop Today. At Getshop Today we can provide you with a fully functional, easy-to-use eCommerce site at affordable prices. 



Quality Product Descriptions

As a beauty brand it is vital that you are able to communicate what your products do with care and detail. Naturally, customers are very careful when buying beauty products as the last thing people want are adverse effects on their bodies. Your job is to ensure that within your product descriptions that you explain how to use your products well, and also list any precautions that may be necessary.




Optimise The Checkout Cart on Your Website

It is vital that as an eCommerce business there are as few bottlenecks between checkout and purchasing as possible. It is also important that as a beauty brand, your cart is optimised to make the user experience convenient. This means having integrations such as timed email notifications that notify customers if they have abandoned items in their cart. Small features like these will increase your conversions on-site as well as make the checkout experience more pleasant. When it comes down to designing the cart for your beauty eCommerce store you want to minimise unnecessary information around your cart such as pop-ups and other info.



Use Testimonials On Your Site

The use of testimonials can do wonders for your business. Testimonials are reviews given by customers that highlight the positive experience they had with your services. These reviews can be effective in attracting new customers and also retaining present ones.  This is as a happy customer is a very powerful tool in brand promotion, as it shows proof of great service and what new customers can possibly experience.

When adding testimonials be sure to include them in highly visible places such as product pages. Product pages are where customers on your site will be to view any photos and videos you have of the product. Because of this, the placement of testimonials on these pages can be the decisive factor in influencing the customer’s decision making process to purchase your product. When running a beauty business, you want to make sure that customers are confident that they will come out better having tasted your services. 



Influencer Marketing

As a beauty brand you can strongly benefit from collaborating with influencers across social media. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are highly visual and great ways to advertise your brand. Furthermore, influencers are able to tap into audiences that you may not already have exposure towards. Having influencers market your products can be ideal, as you are able to cultivate a wider audience and greatly boost your brand’s exposure. 





Subscription Perks and Opportunities 

Another enticing way to attract customers to your beauty brand is to set up bonuses and opportunities upon subscription. This is a growing trend within the realm of beauty ecommerce. Many beauty brands are offering subscriptions to customers, which in turn will allow them access to benefits such as reduced delivery costs and exclusive sales. Offering subscriptions can be a great way to steadily gain and retain customers. 



In Conclusion

These are some of many eCommerce website design tips for beauty brands. It is important to ensure that your site has the necessary features it needs to attract customers. Features like these include quality product descriptions, customer feedback sections and an appealing visual design. Moreover, you want to ensure that you are effectively marketing your products. This can be done effectively by using social media influencers and making use of avenues that provide a reach to wider audiences.


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