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Promo ideas for eCommerce business


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1 Offering Reward Points

2 Free Samples & Low-Priced Products

3 Multiple Purchase Offers

4 Limited Time Discounts & Coupons

5 Multi Platform Selling

6 Conclusion

Within eCommerce business, promoting your brand is a fundamental part of growing your customer pool and expanding your reach. An effective way to increase your exposure and retain more customers is to launch promotional content or services. Customers want to feel that they are getting a good return on their investment when they purchase your products. Having promotional services are an effective way to increase customer retention and widen your audience. Promo ideas can bring long term success as they create an incentive for customers to shop and continue to do so at your business.


This blog will discuss several promo ideas that eCommerce businesses can use to increase their sales and retain more customers. 

Offering Reward Points


A great way to incentivise customers to continue shopping with you is to establish a reward points system. With this promo idea, customers are rewarded for continuing to shop at your business. Moreover with a reward points system, you are able to have a more creativity in how you give back to your customers. A reward points system also enables you to further stand out from other brands if you decide to name your points. Having an attractive yet creative name for your rewards system will do just that. 


In short, offering reward points is an ideal way to encourage customers to become loyal shoppers with you. 



Free Samples & Low-Priced Products


Another valuable promo idea for your eCommerce business is to occasionally offer free samples and lower priced products. Free sampling is a great promo offer to implement if you can afford to do so. Allowing prospective customers to have a free sample of a product you have can encourage them to further buy your products. This is as more trust is being built with your customers, allowing them to make a better informed decision on their purchases.


Moreover, free samples create an opportunity to research customer interests and gain some valuable feedback. This is important to improving your customer service as with it you are more informed regarding what your customers are open to and what they seek to avoid.


This promo idea can be beneficial especially for eCommerce businesses. As this is a promo idea that can be smoothly added as an offset to the price of shipping customers have to pay. Granting a small offering of a free product is something that customers genuinely appreciate, and encourages them to continue shopping with your business. It can also be beneficial as it is also an incentive to help customers get through the checkout process.

Multiple Purchase Offers

Granting customers a bargain for multiple purchases is an offer that will never go out of style. Customers have an overwhelmingly positive reception to multiple purchase offers as it means that they save money on bulk buying. Offers such as buying 2 for 1 or buy 2 get one free encourage customers to not only buy more but also get rewarded for doing so. This is an effective promo idea based on the fact that it is a tried and true method of increasing sales and incentivising customers to make multiple purchases. 


What is important to note however as an eCommerce business is that the products you place these offers on must have adequate margins. In order for you to make effective profit from this promo idea it is vital that you ensure your units for that product are viable.



Limited Time Discounts & Coupons


Another effective promo idea is the use of timed coupons and discounts. The reason such offers are so effective is that they help to create a sense of urgency to purchase your products. Doing so will encourage customers to be more urgent in their decision to buy from you and presents to them an opportunity that they should not miss.

Having a limited time discount promo is also beneficial due to the versatility you have to run it. You can set the coupons to be active during any period you choose or target certain customers with this offer depending on how long or frequently they shop at your business. This is very ideal for customers on your emailing list who may have been inactive for an extended period. Providing them with an offer subject to time constraints can encourage them to shop with you more often as well as getting a discount.

Multi Platform Selling


Selling on multiple platforms is another beneficial promo idea for your eCommerce business. Doing so allows you to widen your audience and diversify the markets you sell your products to.


eCommerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay are very large and have millions of businesses selling their products through them. As an eCommerce business, it is vital that you have more than one avenue through which customers can buy your products. Selling through multiple channels brings many benefits, among some are your sales and exposure. The more routes you can sell your products, your rate of sales will increase. 


Also, selling through multiple platforms will help you to remain competitive with other large eCommerce platforms, though this isn’t always easy. It encourages you to broaden your product ranges and appeal more to the general consumer. Customers seeing that you sell on multiple channels grants more credibility to your business, encouraging them to have more trust in your brand.


Because of the benefits selling on multiple platforms can bring, it is important that you refine your marketing strategy. Depending on the platforms you sell on will determine what marketing ideas are effective and those that are not. 



There are many effective promo ideas you can use as an eCommerce business to increase sales and brand exposure. Some methods though old are still tried and true in increasing brand awareness. Offering bargains on multiple purchase orders and timed discounts are effective ways to increase your customers and sales.


There is no one promo idea you need to adopt. The choice in the ideas you use will depend on the goals of your business, as well as whether they are optimal for the commercial season you are in.


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