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eCommerce Photography Tips

Table of Contents:

1 Intro

2 Why is eCommerce Photography so Beneficial?

3 Use A White Background

4 Take Multiple Photos of your Products

5 Use a Tripod for Consistency in Photos

6 Use High Quality Images and Optimise Them For Online

7 In Conclusion




Image is an important medium to use in eCommerce marketing. People are visual beings, and being able to effectively present quality images of your products is beneficial in convincing them to purchase. There are many purposes of eCommerce photography for business. This can range from product presentation on your eCommerce website to that of brand image building.


When deciding to use photography for eCommerce there are ways to ensure you maximise the potential of your images. This blog will discuss the importance of photography in eCommerce and provide some tips and guidance to take quality photos.




Why is eCommerce Photography so Beneficial?


As briefly mentioned, photography is a very powerful medium of communication. Image is a form of content that allows for creativity of expression and can be more effective than the use of words or numbers. The sense of sight is a strong influence on how we perceive our world, because of how something is presented can elicit different responses.


In the context of eCommerce, photos allow consumers to get a good picture of what they are buying from you. The presentation of your products plays a strong influence in a person’s decision to buy it or not. Thus, it is key that you take into consideration the quality of photos you use when showcasing your products on your eCommerce site or on social media. Nearly 95% of consumers agree that the photography of products are an important factor in their purchase.


Since people aren’t going to be able to touch your products on an eCommerce website, the photographic display of your products is crucial.

Now that we have covered the importance of eCommerce photography for online businesses, we will look at ways to ensure your photos are of great quality.


Use A White Background


You want to ensure that your products are presented with clear contrast and clarity. A white background allows customers to view your product without anything pulling away their attention. Using a white background is very beneficial for eCommerce photography. As not only does this maximise the focus of the product, but since most online stores have a white background there is harmony in presentation. Getshop Today has some great and easy-to-follow tutorials on how to optimise using white background for your images. 

Ultimately, the goal is to present your product as clear as possible and a white background ideal to fulfil this.

Take Multiple Photos of your Products

Don’t be lazy with the presentation of your products. Your goal is to present a clear and complete image of how your products are. Having very few photos can be a detriment in swaying customers to buy your goods. Aim to take multiple photos from various angles. This allows your customers to be more informed on what they are buying and will maximise your eCommerce photography.


Furthermore, taking various photos will simulate a strong personal experience for your customers. Being an eCommerce business means that customers do not have the opportunity to touch and feel your products, causing a disconnect. However, this can be mitigated by using various photos at different angles of your products. This is especially beneficial with items such as clothing or furniture. Be sure to showcase the details and quality of your products. You have much to gain by taking multiple photos of your products for your eCommerce site.


Use a Tripod for Consistency in Photos

A stable photo is very important in eCommerce photography. You want to ensure that your pictures are aligned and have consistency in presentation. This is crucial as if this isn’t achieved, it presents a poor display of your product. Moreover, this can be a decisive factor in customers choosing to not purchase the product. If the photo angle is wonky, it gives a mediocre presentation which can also have a negative impact on customer perception of your brand’s professionalism.


Because of this, it is ideal to invest in a tripod or an apparatus that can provide a stable frame to take photos. The great thing is that tripods generally aren’t expensive so you don’t have to worry about ‘breaking the bank’ in searching for one to buy.

There is also a choice of traditional or flexible tripods. The initial is fixed and more robust, they normally can’t bend and allow for limited angles. The latter is more versatile, but less secure. Flexible tripods allow you to bend the attached camera to create different angles all the while remaining quite secure. Another added benefit to using a flexible tripod is that many modern ones allow you to attach your smartphones. This can be ideal for those who have smartphones with great picture quality.

Use High Quality Images and Optimise Them For Online


Depending on the online platform you are using to post your images, the optimisation of your photos is important. As a business you want to present your product optimally, and this is best done using high quality images.


When choosing the quality of your images to upload, pay attention to the dimensions of the photos you take. You don’t want to ‘stretch’ images to fit, instead you need to ensure that the dimensions in both height and width are proportional.


Moreover, different platforms have different guidelines for the dimensions of images they allow to be uploaded. For example, on Amazon the minimum dimensions required for upload is 1000x1000, whereas on eBay it is 100x150 with a maximum of 1000x1600. It is very important to understand image guidelines on the platforms you use as it will impact the quality of the image presented.


This is key in ensuring that customers who browse your products see a clear image, and can magnify if they choose to do so without a dip in image quality. If you're looking for high quality photography at an affordable price, then CineEye is a great choice. 

In Conclusion

Overall, eCommerce photography is a crucial aspect of eCommerce marketing. It is important to ensure that you use quality images when displaying your products online.


There are effective yet simple ways to do so. Using tripods is a way to ensure stability and consistency in the presentation of your products. In addition, making sure to have plain white backgrounds give contrast and clarity to the image of your product.


The goal as an eCommerce business is to present your products in their best light. By implementing these tips you will be sure to increase conversions on your site and increase product sales. 


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