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There are various forms of video marketing that brands use to promote their products and services. One of those is a product demo video production. These videos portray how a product operates in real time, providing the consumer with an option to make a more informed purchase decision.

Product demonstration videos are a compelling way for brands to communicate the value of their products. Though these types of instructional videos are not very difficult to create, they can prove to be expensive as companies may not have the resources or setup required to produce those.

This blog post will explain generally the process of product demo video production -  the pros, cons as well as alternative ways these videos can be filmed.


The Process of Product Demo Video Production


Before simply filming your product and placing it on your site or social media, you need a plan. A product demo video is a mini-movie of your product or service, there must be a script outlined before filming can start. The length, flow and structure of the production is key in how receptive it will be to prospective consumers. Fail to plan, plan to fail. This is just as true when it comes to forming these videos.


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Here we will briefly outline the important elements that ought to be considered before filming:


1) Give a description of the product – consumers need to have a clear idea of what the product or service is about. This introduction must be brief but be very high quality, first impressions can only be done once so this must be done well.


2) Highlight an issue your product resolves – an effective way to appeal to consumers is to make a solution to a problem they have. Consumers are more willing to buy what they feel they need, and this can reinforce that sentiment.


3) Show how it works – give a brief demonstration of how the product works, for some products you may need multiple videos. This is crucial in providing the consumer a tangible basis for considering purchase. It allows them to simulate how their experience with the product could be, if this is done well it is likely they may want to purchase it.


Now that we have a better understanding of what must be considered before filming, next we will highlight visual elements that must be considered during the product demo video production.

Visual Elements of Product Demo Video Production

1) Lighting – viewers must see the product in its optimal lighting. A clear white background is a good choice. Products stand out on such a background and it provides a clear presentation. Look for good light sources near windows during the day, paying attention to how this depicts the product in photos and video.


2) Stable apparatus for camera work – people do not want to see a shaky and unstable video. Misaligning camera angles is unprofessional, which is harmful for your efforts at promoting the product. Investing in an apparatus like a tripod will give a stable frame for video production.


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Now we have clearer insight into planning and filming product demo videos, we will highlight the benefits that this form of video marketing provides.

The Pros and Cons of Utilizing Product Demo Video Production


Product demo videos offer great benefits for consumers and brands. A main benefit is a clear view of your product in action. This gives consumers an option to make a more informed decision when buying your goods. Through demo videos, brands showcase their professionalism and expertise in their industry.

Furthermore, these videos are shareable and can be distributed onto social media platforms. Brief and straightforward video productions are very effective for video marketing. Ensuring that your product demo videos are brief but also professional can greatly increase conversions from your social media engagements. You are better able to engage your customers by speaking to them directly via product demo videos.


However, for some creating these videos aren't without big financial cost. Not every business has the budget to afford quality cameras to film demo videos. This hinders brands competitively in gaining more consumers. The numerous benefits of these videos make it an ideal marketing tool that businesses should use.

Another factor to consider in video productions is the time needed. For large brands that have the budget and ample workforce, production is easy. Access to props, studios, video editors, photographers and other experienced personnel is not cheap. Being able to call upon professionals who specialise in the technical aspects of video production and cameras needed is beneficial.

Producing Product Demo Videos with a Smartphone

Fortunately, you don't need to have the highest quality video to compel prospective buyers. Other avenues are available such as using smartphones. Using devices that are easily accessible to the general public for video production creates relatablilty.

This leads onto the prospect of using smartphones, such the iPhone for instance, as a tool for product demo video production.


product demo video production with a smartphone


Despite not having access to high quality video equipment, great videos can be produced. This can be done using a smartphone. There are many tutorial videos out there on how to produce decent product demo videos by using just smartphone.

In Conclusion

Product demo video production is a great form of brand and product marketing. Using quality equipment and an efficient set-up, brands can showcase their products in a great light to entice prospective consumers. It can be difficult to produce a product demo video if you are aiming for a very smooth and sophisticated look and vibe. However, there are other viable avenues for producing such content such as using ­­the smartphone. Regardless, the benefits of product demo videos are undeniable and should be strongly considered by brands.

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