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Dropshipping is a relatively new and rapidly developing business model, and therefore there are always many new things to discover about it. In this article, we will discuss 5 most important things about dropshipping that you probably didn’t know. 


Let us first mention all these 5 matters straight away, so that you can instantly get the basic idea. Then we will describe all of these aspects in more detail one by one. 


Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dropshipping


  1. Dropshipping is available not only from China-based suppliers but also from UK dropshipping suppliers. 
  2. There are plenty of reliable UK dropshipping suppliers available and many of them you can find in Getshop Today dropshipping supplier network: 



  1. Dropshipping doesn’t have to be difficult. There are companies which provide a full dropshipping solution including dropshipping product sourcing options, eCommerce web design, logo design and basic marketing options using eBay dropshipping. One such company is Getshop Today: https://getshop.today/


  1. Dropshipping has two types – manual and automatic dropshipping. 


  1. The best strategy for beginners in dropshipping business is to start a general store. 

Dropshipping Suppliers Based Not Only in China But Also in the UK


Many of us who are doing dropshipping business is mainly getting products from China-based dropshipping suppliers. But there is a big hurdle regarding this – dropshipping from China involves very long delivery times. This hurts our end-customers and our businesses. 


But many dropshipping entrepreneurs don’t know there is a solution. The solution is to find UK dropshipping suppliers who provide good delivery times such as 3-5 working days within the UK, and who also have a good quality control system in place. In the next paragraph, we mention where to find such UK dropshipping suppliers offering an automated dropshipping solution with excellent UK delivery times. 


UK Dropshipping Suppliers


Here in this link, you can find plenty of reliable UK dropshipping suppliers: https://getshop.today/dropshipping-suppliers-uk/

These UK dropshipping suppliers are not only based in the UK but are also the only truly automated dropshipping suppliers in the UK. To know more about differences between manual and automated dropshipping please read further on. 


Companies Providing Full Dropshipping Solution


One of the hurdles that are the hardest to overcome when starting a dropshipping business is the fact that there are so many separate parts which need to be integrated in order to make dropshipping work. First of all, one needs to have its own eCommerce website. Secondly, one needs to find reliable dropshipping suppliers. And so on. But there are companies which provide a full dropshipping solution. By full dropshipping solution, we mean such service which includes local (UK based) dropshipping product sourcing options, eCommerce website design, logo design, as well as basic marketing solution using eBay dropshipping. One such company is Getshop Today: https://getshop.today/

Getshop Today has a network of many UK dropshipping suppliers all based in the UK with 50k+ products across all of their suppliers. When subscribing to one of their packages, one can get a fully functional eCommerce website with their own independent domain and all dropshipping functionalities. Certain packages also include logo design and other custom design options. One of the best functions available in Getshop Today platform is the ability to export product listings from your dropshipping eCommerce website into eBay. This allows users to start promoting and selling on eBay before their own website ranks in Google (which can take time and effort). This functions as an innovative way to do marketing for your dropshipping products without investing large sums of money in marketing (considering eBay only charges after a sale has taken place).  


Manual Dropshipping vs Automated Dropshipping


When people start their first dropshipping ventures, they often begin with manual dropshipping. Manual dropshipping means that you would first contact wholesale companies and make sure they offer dropshipping. Then you would get from them permission to copy their product listings into your own website. Next, you can start promoting and selling their products. Once you sell, the wholesaler sends the item to your end-customer. The biggest drawback with such a system is that the process of copying the products listings manually is very cumbersome and takes a long time. Also – you would need to regularly monitor stock at the wholesaler website or database in order to make sure you don’t sell an item that is out of stock. Even if the wholesaler provides CSV files, integrating these into your website can be very hard for beginner users with less advanced technical knowledge. 


In contrast to this, there is another method called automated dropshipping. Automated dropshipping means that there exists an API based connection between dropshipping supplier and retailer website as well as between the retailer website and third-party platforms where the retailer can promote their dropshipping products.  API stands for application programming interface and it is a computer code that provides such a connection between a variety of platforms. Currently, in the UK there is one platform that provides such automated dropshipping functionality and this platform is Getshop Today (www.getshop.today). 


Best Dropshipping Business Strategy for Beginners


When you are starting a dropshipping business you need to think about a couple of things. Firstly - are you new to this business model? Secondly, which direction do you want to go – finding a niche market or starting a general store? 


In our opinion, if you are a newbie, it is best to go with a general store in the beginning. We also suggest starting with low-ticket (low priced) items. 


The reason to start with a general store is as follows. If you are not an experienced dropshipper, it is very difficult to find the right product for your business straight away. By right products we mean those products that will have a high volume of sales. Some advisers might say – use certain tools to find the best-selling items. But in our opinion, this technique does not work for beginners. You might find a best-selling item, but if you don’t know how to promote that exact item, it will not sell anyway. Marketing strategy for each individual item can vary drastically. Therefore, if you start with a general store, it might be the best solution for you as a beginner. 


For example, you can start with 100 product lines in your store. Each of the products is listed on your website, Facebook, Instagram, eBay and Amazon. Then in a month time, you will be able to see which product is selling more than others, which one is getting more views, traction etc. After analysing this data, simply keep only the best-selling items in your store, and remove the rest of the items from your list. The add a new group of items to test. In this way within 3-6 months, you will have multiple tested well-selling products in your store. 


Let’s turn to the second question – why you should start with low-ticket items. The main reason we suggest to start with the low-ticket items is that when you as a dropshipper start an online business, your domain will have no authority in Google. Your SEO value will be very low in the beginning. That is because ranking in Google takes a lot of time and effort. You will also most probably not have any proven trust record in social media in the beginning stages of your business. Therefore, people will not be ready to buy these high-ticket items from your site if they can do it from a well-established website instead. But if you would be selling items which cost only £20-£30, people will buy from your store - as long as your presentation is right. 


In a nutshell, if you are a newbie in dropshipping, your strategy should be to start with a general store selling low-ticket items. This will help you to quickly understand which items sell fast. After your business runs successfully for a sufficiently long time your credibility will grow, and then you can start selling high-value items. 



We hope these 5 topics about dropshipping gave you some new ideas which will help you to become a successful dropshipping business owner. 


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