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How to Write Good Product Descriptions for an eCommerce Website

Table of Contents
  1. Intro
  2. Understand Your Target Buyer
  3. Be Creative, Spur Their Imagination
  4. Use Sensory Words
  5. Persuade With Social Proof on Your eCommerce Website
  6. In Conclusion





Product descriptions are of great importance when trying to entice buyers to purchase your products. The language and relevant keywords you use make all the difference, especially in regards to a consumer choosing to buy the same product from another brand. If you want to vastly improve your conversions, browsers to buyers, then you must consider how you describe goods on your eCommerce site.


Ultimately the purpose of your product description is to give consumers incentive to buy your product.


There are many ways to write a good product description so that you can increase the sales of your products.


This blog will list several ways you can write eye-catching descriptions for your products.


Understand Your Target Buyer

This is firstly the most important thing you need to understand before writing descriptions for your products. Who do you want to buy the product? What are their interests? These are a few of many questions you need to ask yourself before creating the marketing copies for your products.


Being able to do so will not only allow you to write appealing descriptions, but will also avoid wasting words and keep your descriptions concise. To create a more tailored product description, focus on using language that communicates directly to the buyer. For example, you would want to use pronouns such as “you” to directly address the buyer in your descriptions.


Moreover, having better knowledge of who your buyers are will allow you to be efficient in the words you use. The humour they might like is an example of a great way to appeal to your audience in product descriptions and draw them to your eCommerce website.


Be Creative, Spur Their Imagination

Wonder and awe are profound human emotions that we love to experience. Many things can trigger these experiences to positive effect, and your product descriptions can do the same. Appealing to the imagination of your buyers is a great way to craft enticing product descriptions. Using figurative language gives you more liberty in how you advertise your product, without being dishonest.


The goal is to increase the reader’s desire for your product. Since they cannot physically hold it, it is important that you communicate a strong incentive for them to buy it. Firebox is a brand that does this well. Taking a look at their Fizzics DraftPour, you can see how they use language to vividly jolt your imagination.

Use Sensory Words

Another way to craft an appealing product description is to use sensory language. These are words that focus on how the user perceives the product, in order to encourage them to desire it. Examples of using sensory words could be “a velvet smooth exterior”, this description focuses on the reader's sense of touch to entice them to buy the product.


Sensory words are very powerful as it is by our senses that we experience our reality. Also, using these words enables you to better personalise your descriptions to your target audience. Adjectives that appeal to the five senses are thus very effective in encouraging people to buy your products.

Persuade With Social Proof on Your eCommerce Website

Apart from using creative language, appealing to buyers with social proof is another effective way to create product descriptions. Sometimes buyers browsing your site may be unsure on whether to buy your product or not.


This may partially be due to seeing a cheaper price on another brand’s eCommerce website, or that their description is more in line with what they want.


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However, this is where the benefits of appealing using social proof comes in. Social proof can be shown through the display of customer reviews. In short, you want to provide tangible evidence within your description that can convince buyers. Moreover, all it can take to convince buyers to purchase a product is the percentage of positive reviews it has.


A product can have a very creative product description, but if it is averaging 3 star reviews as opposed to another with 4.5 that can be pivotal in a buyer’s choice..

In Conclusion

The crafting of your product descriptions is key if you want to increase conversions on your eCommerce site. Good product descriptions help improve sales through use of intentional and creative language. Using sensory words and imagination are very effective in enticing buyers to decide to purchase your goods.


Overall, you want to ensure you are clear with who your target buyer is when creating product descriptions. This is so that you don’t waste words and maintain a concise and punchy description. These factors make all the difference in convincing customers to double down and buy your goods.


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