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Why you should choose a Local eCommerce Platform to build Your eCommerce Website



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1 What is a Local eCommerce Platform?

2 They Are More In Tune with Business Needs

3 Same Time Zones

4 You Can Meet Face-to-Face

5 You Can Strengthen Smaller Businesses in Your Local Community 

6 In Conclusion 

When choosing an eCommerce platform to build your own eCommerce website there are many factors to consider. Amongst them involve factors such as the security the platform can provide to start your site, as well as if the platform can provide your site with the necessary functions you require. Though these are all very important in deciding to go with an eCommerce platform for your own eCommerce website, there is another important factor that is sometimes overlooked. And that factor is location. When choosing the right platform to go with, this is arguably the most important factor in that decision. 


This blog will discuss the reasons why you should choose a local eCommerce platform to build your website over a non-local one. 

What is a Local eCommerce Platform?


Put simply, a local eCommerce platform is one that has a base of operations within the same country as you or even local to your area of business. The main aspect is that it is a platform that you can establish quick contact with and can be reached without trouble in the same country or area as you. For instance if your business is based in Lyon, France then a local eCommerce platform will be one based in the same city if not the country to you. 


The appeal of a local eCommerce platform is something that many eCommerce businesses are growing to appreciate. Now we will discuss the reasons why you should choose a local eCommerce platform.




They Are More In Tune with Business Needs


There are many great reasons to decide to go with a local eCommerce platform. One benefit is that they are more likely to be able to deal with your needs. If both you and the platform you are a part of are based in the same jurisdiction, it will be easier for them to relate to the systems and policies you run your business by. For instance, certain countries can have varying regulations for business practice. An example of this is the General Data Protection Directive (GDPR) in the UK. These are important to consider as though two businesses are in different locations and have the same values, the laws of the land either dwell in will influence how they conduct business. 


 By choosing a local platform they will have better chances of understanding the needs your business has. This can be ideal for your business when the time may arise, as they may have a better understanding of your values, operational needs and so on. These factors make going with a local eCommerce platform all the more viable. If you are based in the UK and looking for a local platform to start your own UK based eCommerce business, consider going with us at Getshop Today. Getshop Today is a UK based eCommerce platform that can provide you with a functional and easy-to-use eCommerce site. 

Same Time Zones


Another benefit that is available to you is that a local eCommerce platform will be operating within the same time zone as you. The importance of this can not be overstated. When it comes to doing business with different organisations, being  on the same page in regards to time is vital. If you were based in the UK and the platform you are with is based in the US West that is an 8hrs time difference! This can generate issues when it comes to needing support or answering queries. With both your business and the platform being local to each other, it means there can be harmony in schedules. As a result, the eCommerce platform will automatically have more availability for your business when necessary. Not only will this be an advantage to availability but customer service will also be better because of it. 

You Can Meet Face-to-Face


Though this is something that has become less and less common since the advent of the pandemic, the prospect of being able to meet members of the platform in person is open. With the eCommerce platform being local to your business it will be easier to meet the faces behind the names of people you are doing business with. 


Nothing really beats face-to-face communication, as it is one of the most effective ways to build strong relationships. Ultimately, you want to be able to develop strong and worthwhile communication with the people you are working with. This is something that merely doing phone and video calls won’t do for you. 


With local companies, you will be able to visit their base of operations and get a better understanding of how they carry out their work. 



You Can Strengthen Smaller Businesses in Your Local Community 


Working with local businesses can be a great way to strengthen the smaller economy in your area. Many people following the pandemic and detriment it had on the economy are seeing the value of smaller businesses. The mutual benefits you can garner by choosing to partner with a local business are exponential. Deciding to work with local businesses will help to strengthen commerce in your local community. Actions such as this have a huge impact on consumers local to the area, improving your reputation as a business and the fruitfulness of commerce there. 

In Conclusion

There are several benefits that choosing a local eCommerce platform for your business will give you. When it comes down to needing support from the platform, a local one will most likely have a better understanding of your needs. There’s a level of insight and care that sometimes can only be provided by a company that dwells locally to you. Especially as an eCommerce business, it is vital that you choose a platform that will be able to give you the support you need when necessary. A local platform has a better chance of doing this for you.


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