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Selling online: 5 Reasons why you are still not Selling


Table of Contents

1 Your Website Is Difficult To Navigate

2 Site Not Optimised For Mobile Shopping 

3 Product Descriptions Are Low Quality

4 You Are Targeting the Wrong Audience and Other Issues with Marketing

5 Not Having A Good Marketing Strategy 

6 Checkout Process is too Time Consuming

7 Conclusion

With the exponential rise of online shopping and eCommerce business, many brands are finding ways to sell effectively on this ever-growing frontier. When it comes to selling online many businesses invest time and resources into fine tuning their marketing strategies to ensure they achieve the sales they want. However, there are many factors that some businesses create that undermine their sales and deter customers from buying their products.


This blog will discuss 5 reasons why some businesses are not successfully selling online, as well as ways to mitigate this scenario.



Your Website Is Difficult To Navigate

You should not underestimate the importance of having a website that is easy to navigate. Customers want to be able to visit your eCommerce store to see what you are selling online, select their items and go to checkout. If customers are having difficulty finding what they want due to complex layouts and poor customer journey mapping, they will not buy your products.


A good way to improve the navigation difficulty of your site is with a more minimalistic approach to design and layout. Ensuring that customers are clear on where to go on your site is paramount. Moreover, it is important to keep your site as decluttered as possible, removing excessive icons or small images. Great news is that many eCommerce platforms can provide sites that have clear and easy-to-navigate designs. If you want your own easy-to-use and fully functional eCommerce site consider going with us Getshop Today. 



Site Not Optimised For Mobile Shopping

Another reason why many businesses are not selling online effectively is due to neglecting mobile shoppers as potential customers. Now more than ever people are using their mobile phones for online shopping. With revenue from sales by mobile shoppers set to reach £80 billion it is vital that businesses ensure their site is tailored for mobile users too. 


Not optimising your site for mobile users will only present a more difficult customer experience for them. Things such as navigation and media quality are few of many aspects of your site that will suffer as a result of this. 


Ways to ensure your site maintains peak quality for mobile shoppers Is to choose such an eCommerce website building platform that has tools to make your site mobile responsive. For example, with Getshop Today most parts of your website layout will by default be mobile responsive. Some more complex parts can be easily customised for mobile responsiveness using visual and easy to use module builder systems (no coding skills needed). When it comes to selling online your site must take into consideration the prospect of mobile users shopping with you. 

Product Descriptions Are Low Quality

Your descriptions on your product pages have a great influence on how well the product will sell. If your product descriptions have issues such as errors, irrelevant words or simply lack detail then customers won’t be convinced to buy the product. Because eCommerce stores cannot physically showcase the product to the customer it is doubly important that their descriptions are up to par. 


Be sure to pay close attention to how you are describing your products. Have you learned at least the basics of SEO? Have you done at least some keyword research?  Does the description truthfully reflect the product’s function? These are a few of some questions that you must consider when crafting your product descriptions. 


Aim to describe the benefits of buying the product, your goal is ultimately to create desire in the minds of customers who are browsing your site. Selling online successfully cannot be done without having quality product descriptions

You Are Targeting the Wrong Audience and Other Issues with Marketing

A common factor in low product sales is simply that you are targeting the wrong demographics. It is important that you understand the product you are selling, its market and the audiences who have interest in it. Failing to understand these things will result in a waste of capital, resources and effort as you will be investing in a good that has no demand. Having a stellar quality product is void if people are not interested in buying it. 


Therefore, you must pay attention to the audiences certain products attract as well as conducting your own research. Some good techniques to use for this purpose are methods such as surveys, polls and software such as Google Analytics. The data you gather from these methods are invaluable and will help to ensure you pick the right products to sell to the audiences you choose. 

Not Having A Good Marketing Strategy 


You may also having other marketing related issues, such as not having at least basic marketing strategy and using wrong marketing channels or none at all. Building an eCommerce website is just the beginning – there are many other things to be done to start making sales, and one of the most important parts is having a good eCommerce marketing strategy in place. 




Checkout Process is too Time Consuming

A long and over complicated checkout process is a strong deterrent for customers shopping online. Too many stages in your checkout process will inconvenience your customers who are simply looking to find what they want and buy it promptly. Features such as having to create accounts before purchase, pop-ups and data entries can cause customers to abandon their cart altogether. 


To prevent this it is ideal to implement features such as a one-click checkout option. This is ideal as it ensures customers who want to make quick purchases can do so. Moreover it will also boost the rate of your sales as more customers will make purchases quicker. Another thing you can do to speed up the checkout process is to limit the number of stages needed to reach checkout. You want the checkout process to be short so that purchases can be made with ease and efficiency. Too many bottlenecks are a recipe for disaster, as customers will decide to shop elsewhere if it means a quicker and more convenient checkout process. 


Selling online to great success is the goal of every eCommerce business. To do so it is vital that you ensure your site is configured to optimise sales. Factors such as poor site navigation, low quality product descriptions and long checkouts will all harm your ability to sell your products. Having a good marketing strategy in place also is very important.


Ultimately, it is important that you pay close attention to your sales and the health of your site. As an online business you need to be able to identify potential factors that can either positively or negatively impact your sales.

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